About Poetry:   



Poetry at it's apogee, or highest expression is as if the sun were speaking.

Language when it is taken or infused by spirit, can transform the world, as holy scriptures can.
It opens the door to love, annihilating the ego-self for our Divine-self

manifesting it's sacred intention.
Poetry empowers, awakens beauty and delight.

Poetry to me, is about the soul of things self realized,

a poet of vision can find herself in correspondence or dialogue with the abode of the gods,

with the flashing white of a tropical bird, it's black unstartled eyes would overwhelm you with desire   

for such peace sublime and you would become that, in the seeing, in the word.                          

    The object: is for the poet and listener with inner hearing, to merge and live within ourselves.

    Sight: the essential poetic gift, to see in itself intimately this world and all others,

    God and nature and the life of all beings.

     Poetry requires a new wine skin for the honey's sweetness.
     Poetry is a living spirit at it's core, a landscape,

     a typography of archetypal images,

     a leaping away from the intellect, grounded in the heart,

     with it's own playful wild poetic licence,
     Poetry is wilderness where all manner of creatures abide.
     Poetry shakes death loose from it's hair
     Poetry's eyelid is the moon or a maiden horse with an eye for love
     Poetry would make the mundane divine
     Poetry comes into being by the direct call of inspiration, beauty and delight
     Poetry is a cup of sunlight for the longing heart born out of stillness and tranquil days.

                                     "the voice of the river that has emptied
                       into the ocean
                                               now laughs and sings just like God"



©Joseph Bottone      last revised july 2014