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About Joseph Bottone

He was born in Brooklyn New York, not far from the waterfront on the East River, educated on
the streets and in the wild woods and streams of the Catskill Mountains

For many years he had taken the haunting of suffering for granted. In the fall of 2008 he left his
past and gave himself to poetry, to solitude.

His work centers on the poetic language
of the visionary. He lives in his cabin in Camaldoli Hermitage at Big Sur or

somewhere in New Mexico by the river of dreams.

Joseph Bottone's book of lyric poetry "Solitude in IV Parts" has been published in Australia by Little Fox Press,

a small book of 40 poems "Light as Air" has been published by Heartlink Press

and his latest book with a working title "Wild Honey" is searching for a publisher.

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© Joseph Bottone 2013